Founding and Life Members

The Langley Fermenters Wine Club was founded in the fall of 1975.   The Founding Members at that time were:

Art Bratt, Tom Collings, Gord and Rinky Fowler, Brian Gilhooly,  Doug Morgan and John Harper.  Brian continues to be a member to this day.


The club instituted a “Life Member” designation in 1983 to recognize the long term dedication and contributions of certain members to the club and their contributions to the wine making community in general.  Those who have passed away continue to be included on this list in memoriam as we continue to recognize their contributions.

1983    John and Verna Harper

1984    Tom and Andrea Collings,    Gord and Rinky Fowler

1991    Doug and Eileen Morgan

1993    Hal Layfield

2011    Brian Gilhooly, Wayne Card, Gord Butters