Competition Handbook

  Langley Fermenters Competition Handbook 

and competition entry instructions

 Revised (June, 2016)

 Langley Fermenters Wine Classes

In June, 2016 The Langley Fermenters Wine Club adopted the wine classes as described in the British Columbia Amateur Winemakers Association Competition Handbook, except the club adds the Club Fruit Class Z which is described below. The Club Fruit is selected by the club and changes annually.

The wine classes can be viewed by going to the BCAWA website.

Class Z – Club Fruit

Club fruit can be sweet, dry or in between. Wine must consist of at least 90 percent of the designated juice, and must be made from the current year. Three best wines in this sub-class will be selected.

Competition Entry Instructions

 Entry Fees

 $3.00 Per entry (2017)

Online Entry Program

The entries for the wine competition must be made through the online entry program accessed through the BCAWA website at

Go to “Provincial Competition” tab on left had side of home page

  1. Click on “Wine Competition System”
  2. If registered, type in your email address and password
  3. click on “Log In” button
  4. if not registered, see the line “If you haven’t registered in past competitions, then click here or click on the “Register” button in the navigation bar on left of this page”
  5. follow the prompts to register
  6. after logging in, use the drop down menu to select the desired competition, i.e. Langley Fermenters.
  7. Follow the instruction to enter wines by class ensuring that you provide all of the information that is required.
  8. Print two copies of the Entry Form –
  9. One copy must be sent with the wine entries and the entry fees
  10. Keep one copy for your records


Bottles should be wine bottles of approximately 750 ml for all classes except for the Sweet or fortified classes which can be half bottles (350 ml)

 Number of Entries

Two entries are allowed per class

 Club Fruit Wine

Wine should be from the current year.

Point System

Gold               = 5

Silver             = 2.90

Bronze           = 1.68

Best In Class = 1

Winemaker of the Year

The Langley Fermenters “Winemaker of the Year “ award will be determine from points earned from the Langley Garden Party competition, , Provincial, and from two other open competitions in BC including Vinovan, VAWA, Saanich, Nanaimo, Kamloops and Chilliwack.